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Are you looking for a reliable and professional provider of mobile roadworthy and safety certificates on the Sunshine Coast? Whether you’re a car owner, a business manager, or a vehicle testing station, you need the assurance that your vehicles comply with the latest safety regulations. At Send it Mobile Roadworthy, we provide comprehensive services for all your roadworthy and safety needs.
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Specializing in mobile roadworthy's and pre-purchase inspections for your European Vehicles.


Send It Mobile Roadworthy is an independently owned and operated mobile mechanical service based in the Sunshine Coast, QLD. We strive to provide professional, honest service to our clients; you can be confident that your vehicle will be in safe and dependable hands. We provide the tools and the skills to ensure that your vehicle is in the utmost best condition for your day to day life. The safety and reliability of your vehicle are our top priority. Our services include mobile roadworthy safety certificates, mobile pre-purchase inspections, as well as on board diagnostics.

Ky has been in the automotive industry for over ten years, working alongside his father at their family-run workshop; Sunshine Coast European Vehicle Centre (AKA, Sunshine Coast Roadworthy Inspection Centre), which has been servicing people in our area for over 20 years. Ky’s experience covers an extensive, broad range of auto mechanical repair work.

Send It Mobile Roadworthy - RWC Sunshine Coast

Our Services

ECU Remapping and Car Tuning by Send It Mobile Roadworthy Sunshine Coast

Mobile Roadworthy Inspections.

We come to you to inspect your vehicle to ensure it meets the transport and main roads safety standards required for road use. Our mobile roadworthy’s are perfect for those selling a vehicle or transferring registrations interstate. We offer same-day roadworthy certificate (RWC) near you in Sunny Coast!

Send It Mobile Roadworthy - Roadworthy Certificate Sunshine Coast

ECU Remapping & Car Tuning.

This service involves modifying the software of your vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU) to optimize its power, torque, and fuel efficiency. We use advanced technologies to improve your vehicle's performance Whether you're looking to boost your car's power or fuel efficiency, we can help you achieve it.

Send It Mobile Roadworthy - Car Roadworthy Sunshine Coast

Pre-purchase inspection.

A pre-purchase car inspection is an important step when buying a car, as it can help ensure the car is roadworthy and safe to drive. Additionally, it can identify any potential issues that may need to be repaired before the car is certified for road use. Ultimately, this is an essential check for any car buyer.

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What Our Clients Say about Send It Mobile Roadworthy.

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Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith
April 6, 2023
After spending hours unsuccessfully trying to secure a mechanic from various companies, Ky, answered the phone straight away and was able to fit a pre purchase inspection in within 24 hours of the request. He communicated with me at every step of the process, showed up on time and was extremely thorough in inspecting every aspect of the vehicle including the finance and history. He found multiple faults that had been covered up and communicated these clearly and thoroughly with photograph images. He saved me from buying a total lemon. I have already arranged for him to do another inspection on the next car and would recommend his services to anyone. Very happy with his professionalism and communication.
Michael Mead
Michael Mead
April 4, 2023
Roadworthy was fast, convenient, came the same day and very friendly. Highly recommend and will reuse again.
March 14, 2023
Excellent service. Turned up same day, on time, professional. Will recommend to all my family and friends. Thank you.
Jennifer Harp
Jennifer Harp
February 11, 2023
Yesterday Ky came to inspect my 5-year-old Toyota Hilux for a roadworthy certificate. As someone with a mechanical background, I hadn't noticed a few things that needed to be fixed. Ky was quick, efficient and polite throughout the inspection. Even when he had to tell me that I would need to do some minor repairs before he could issue the RWC, he did it with real professionalism. Fantastic service and I couldn't recommend him more highly! A+++!
Cooper Blake
Cooper Blake
January 21, 2023
Ky was on time and his communication from booking to completing the roadworthy was simple and easy. I would highly recommend Ky and would use his services again.
Marcus Millar
Marcus Millar
December 13, 2022
Urgently needed a inspection done, Ky came out the same day and did a brilliant job. Glad to find someone who’s got the experience and knowledge for once. Can’t recommend this guy enough ⭐️⭐️
Send It Mobile Roadworthy - Car Roadworthy Sunshine Coast


Our commitment is to deliver exceptional customer service and top-notch results. Services we offer:

  • Mobile roadworthy inspections/certificates.
  • Pre Purchase Inspections
  • Diagnostics.
  • Ecu remapping and tuning.
  • Ecu reprogramming.


  • Identification, VIN & engine numbers, and sighting the compliance plate ensure the vehicle isn’t stolen or its parts are not stolen. The certificate issuer mechanic checks if the vehicle’s compliance plate is intact and the engine and VIN numbers match the documents provided by the owner.
  • Modifications to a vehicle’s wheels, tyres, engines, and suspension are checked for compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications and relevant regulations. The mechanic checks if the modifications have been carried out by a licensed workshop with proper documentation.
  • Seats & restraints, frayed seat belts, and loose seats are inspected for safety. The mechanic checks if the seat belts are working correctly and not frayed or damaged. They also check if the seats are fastened securely and not loose, which can be dangerous in case of an accident.
  • Lights & electrical components, such as headlight lenses, battery bracket, and illuminated dashboard warning lights are checked for functionality. The mechanic checks if the headlights are working correctly and lenses aren’t discoloured, which can affect visibility. They also check if the battery bracket is securely mounted and if there are no warning lights illuminated on the dashboard.
  • Windscreens & windows are checked for any damage, such as stone chips, cracks or discolouration, as well as the tint level if it’s legal. The mechanic also checks if the window wipers and washers are functioning correctly.
  • Body & chassis, including sharp edges or rust in structural areas, is checked for any defects. The mechanic checks if there are any dents, scratches or rust on the body and if there are no sharp edges, which can be dangerous in a collision.
  • Steering & suspension, including any component that is cracked, loose, worn, or damaged, is checked for its functionality. The mechanic checks if there are any issues with the steering or suspension and if the components are in good working condition.
  • Wheels & tyres, including the correct ratio, minimum tread, and quality of tyre, are inspected for their safety. The mechanic checks the tyres’ overall condition, including their quality, tread, and pressure.
  • Brake components, including brake hoses & lines, material, vehicle must pass a brake test, are inspected for functionality. The mechanic checks the brakes’ performance, including the brake hoses and lines, and ensures that the vehicle passes the brake test.
  • Engines & drivelines, including engine oil leaks, engine mounts, and wheel bearings, are checked for any issues. The mechanic checks if there are any oil leaks from the engine, if the engine mounts are in good condition, and if the wheel bearings aren’t worn.
  • Exhaust emissions, including leaking mufflers and broken exhaust hangers, are checked to ensure they comply with relevant regulations.
  • Road test, including dashboard warning lights, handbrake, mirrors, and how well the vehicle runs, is conducted to ensure there are no issues with driving the vehicle. The mechanic checks if the dashboard warning lights are off, if the handbrake is working fine, and if the mirrors provide good visibility. They also check how well the vehicle runs and whether it stalls or misfires.
  • Washer jets are inspected to ensure they spray the windscreen correctly, and the wiper rubbers are not damaged or split or streaking.

The typical cost of a roadworthy check in Queensland is usually between $80 and $100. This fee is necessary to ensure that your vehicle is safe and meets the specific safety standards required by the state. Motor vehicles up to 4500 KG GVM will be charged $90, while trailers between 750 KG and up to 3500 KG are subject to a fee of $45. Motorcycles, incur a cost of $60.

If you don’t pass the mobile roadworthy test, you have 14 days to fix any issues and send the car in for a re-examination. If the repairs are not finalised within 14 days, your partially completed roadworthiness certificate will be cancelled and you’ll need to have a full inspection done again. You don’t have to go back to the same inspection point, but you’ll need to bring your original inspection form and pay for the examination again. We are here to help you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

When buying or selling a vehicle privately, it’s important to be aware that a roadworthy certificate or license validation may not be included. However, you can rest assured that the vehicles are sold with a legal roadworthy certificate, making the transaction easier and offering a more professional and friendly service.
Send it Mobile Roadworthy is an accredited mobile inspection service provider, and we are proud to be part of the private sector providing Queensland Transport with Roadworthy Certificates (RWCs). Our services are compliant with the legislation covering this outsourcing, which states that payment is for the inspection, and not for the approved certificate. We provide a friendly and professional service, ensuring your vehicle is up to standard and safe on the roads.

In Queensland, a roadworthy certificate is valid for either two months or 2000km, whichever occurs first. However, this is only valid for one sale. In certain circumstances, such as sales in remote locations or between car dealers, there may be exceptions to this rule. 

The Safety Certificate and Roadworthy Certificate are essentially the same. In 1999, the Queensland Department of Transport changed the name from Roadworthy Certificate to Safety Certificate. Both terms are used interchangeably by both drivers and service providers alike. In a friendly and professional manner, we invite you to make sure your vehicle meets the necessary safety standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

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